About us

Progressi is an independent non-for-profit organization aimed at promoting civic engagement and grass-roots organizing using the most advanced digital tools.

We started in September 2015 in Italy and have run a number of online and offline independent campaigns to mobilize people on progressive asks to the government and the parliament, such as adopting a law on civil unions, the EU accepting refugees, expressing solidarity to all victims of terrorism, firmly opposing racist attacks to Africans in Italy, demanding transparency in the international trade deals negotiations and demanding a long-term plan to ensure safe homes and buildings after the August 2016 earthquake.


The founder of Progressi is Vittorio Longhi, a journalist committed to promoting human rights and sustainable development in the global sphere. 

Progressi has also partnered with other non-profit organizations to launch joint campaigns on common objectives, such as ensuring decent pensions for early retiring workers, promoting renewable energy consumption, stopping the construction of anti-immigrants barriers at the border with Northern neighbouring countries, protecting migrants farm workers from exploitation, having the EU Commission to rethink the agreements with the Turkish government.

We have developed a digital platform to run our own campaigns and also to let our members and partner organisations launch their petitions, if in line with the values of Progressi. The user-generated petitions have covered a wide range of issues, from defending human rights to saving public health services to protecting the sea against pollution.

We have increased our members’ engagement providing constant updates and information, participating to public meetings and demonstrations, doing intense media work and lobbying the Parliament.

In three years Progressi has generated over 50 online national campaigns and engaged over 450,000 people. We have participated to major national demonstrations and actions.

Will you join one of our current campaigns and help us to make Progressi?